Types of Adult Entertainment You Can Experience

Adult entertainment may be defined in many ways. But if you categorise it as entertainment for grown-ups, the options are not just limited to strip clubs and shows in an adult lounge.  

Adult entertainment is an industry with lots of players and includes a wide range of businesses and activities. The job positions of people working across the industry also vary greatly, ranging from writers to adult performers.

Major Types of Entertainment for Adults

Adult movies

Films that cater mainly on erotic content and related aspects fall under this category. These are often shown similar to conventional movies but in theatres that are exclusive for grown-ups. The rating is also for adults only.

And like any film shown in theatres, the small screen, and online, they can have either good or bad script and storyline. But some of the best ones can rival award-winning films.  

Adult shows

These shows are held in strip clubs, with one or more strippers performing on stage. These cater to both genders and different sexual orientation which is why there are male and female strippers available, although not necessarily in the same club.

Companies specialising in private shows, on the other hand, can accommodate orders for this type of adult entertainment to be performed in a client’s choice of venue or depending on the club rules or party package.

A bucks party in Candy Club, for example, include bucks shows, cigar presentations, bottle service, food platters, and whiskey tasting in a tastefully and elegantly decorated venue.

No reason to take the party anywhere else when everything you need for a fabulous celebration is found in one place. What is even better is that an organiser does not need to do more than book the time and date.

Adult magazines

If you’re looking for more information about the adult industry, adult magazines are your best resource. Whether traditional or online, these magazines still provide a gateway and an escape for anyone who wants to explore the adult world through text and scintillating words, accompanied by images here and there.

Despite the growing popularity of digital formats of magazines, you’re still likely to find printed versions in an R-rated corner of your favourite corner shop or bookstore.

Adult massages

With the increase of businesses offering sexually arousing massages, adult massages might as well be part of the adult industry, even if they are yet to be inducted into the list.

More people are opting to get a massage to arouse sexual feelings, whether as a separate experience or as part of a normal massage session. In some cases, massage is in preparation for rigorous activities in the sack.

How you wish to occupy yourself is entirely up to you. But if you are looking for adult entertainment options, start with the list above and find out which one entertains you the most.

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