Common Mistakes That May Cost Your Stripper Career

Strippers are a special breed of women. They work hard every single night, be it to provide for a family, pay through college, fund a business, or support a hobby. As they dedicate so much energy to their job, they will want to gain a reasonable amount of money and reach a certain level of success. However, they might only end up failing in their career for reasons beyond being incapable of providing the best lap dances Brisbane has.

If you’re currently working as an exotic dancer, you should be careful to avoid any of the following mistakes if you want to stay employed or motivated:

Failing to do research on the job

Sure, the job title might say that you’re a dancer, but that’s not all there is to it. Stripping actually falls more under sales, as you need to be able to sell yourself to the customers. You are the brand that you need to promote in the club. You’ll need to walk up to a good number of clients and ask if they would like a private performance from you. Plus, you’ll have to think up a good strategy as to how you should go about convincing more people that you can give the best lap dances Brisbane has around.

Spending too much on extras

Buy enough to appear serious about your job, but not too much that you end up broke every time. As a general rule, you should have at least two outfits, with a comfy pair of clear stilettos and a security lock bag. The maximum could be around 5 complete looks that you can cycle through every week. Invest in shoes that won’t make you feel like you’re being tortured after your shift. The lock is important for ensuring that none of the other strippers will meddle with your stuff while you’re onstage or on the floor.

Selling yourself short

At the start, you might be fine with receiving ones for your private dances, but you shouldn’t stay within that price range. Find out what the other girls are getting and determine the average rate in your area. It can be worth visiting other strip clubs too to see how much their dancers are asking for. You can set your personal value from there. With regards to special packages like 3-for-1 performances, these are only okay if you’ve been in the business for some time and if there’s a holiday or occasion.

Stripping is not an easy career to have, but it is possible to be successful at it. Just make sure that you avoid making any of the above mistakes, and you should be fine.

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