Great Ideas for Adult Entertainment Brisbane Has for Stag Parties

Great Ideas for Adult Entertainment Brisbane Has for Stag Parties

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So, your best friend has decided to get married, and you are given the honourable task of organising the stag party for him. That is great! But while this is exciting for you and your group, planning and making arrangements for such an occasion can be difficult. To make things easier for you, you should start by deciding which activities to incorporate for the party. Here are some great ideas for adult entertainment Brisbane has that you can consider:

  • The Red Light District

In some places around the world, you will see women in the sex trade showcasing themselves through shadows behind lighted windows. Now, you can replicate this concept for your stag night. You can set up a room and hire some strippers to act as the prostitutes. Sure enough, the sights and exotic temptations that you set up will amuse and excite not only the groom-to-be, but the rest of your group as well.

  • Oil Wrestling

Who does not love oil wrestling, especially when the contenders are some gorgeous scantily clad ladies specialising in adult entertainment Brisbane has? Combine this with some booze, and you will have a night of a lifetime. You can even involve yourselves in the ruckus if you got the wrestling skills to handle the challenge!

  • Girls Playing Sexy Hostesses

This is definitely one stag party idea that will fire up your imagination. You can get a couple of attractive strippers, ask them to dress up sexy, and accompany your group anywhere you go for the night. Playing as hostesses, they would, of course, serve you boys by doing some fetching.

If you are looking for extra spice that will make your celebration more memorable then sexy hostesses are the way to go.

  • Lap Dance

Of course, you should not end the night without a lap dance performance from your hired strippers. Keep in mind that stag parties and lap dances go hand in hand, so not having one is like doing your best friend a disservice.

Do your research on which strip clubs provide the best lap dances in town. If you prefer to have the girls come to your own hotel room, there are also joints that offer such a convenience. Visit their sites, make your bookings, and wait to have your own private show. You will be treated with the best displays of female exhibitionism that will make your party more memorable.

Remember that with the honour to plan your best friend’s stag night, you are also given great responsibility. You have to make this celebration one that the groom-to-be will never forget. Consider the above-mentioned ideas for adult entertainment Brisbane has to ensure that you are giving him the ultimate send-off.

Common Mistakes That May Cost Your Stripper Career

Common Mistakes That May Cost Your Stripper Career

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Strippers are a special breed of women. They work hard every single night, be it to provide for a family, pay through college, fund a business, or support a hobby. As they dedicate so much energy to their job, they will want to gain a reasonable amount of money and reach a certain level of success. However, they might only end up failing in their career for reasons beyond being incapable of providing the best lap dances Brisbane has.

If you’re currently working as an exotic dancer, you should be careful to avoid any of the following mistakes if you want to stay employed or motivated:

Failing to do research on the job

Sure, the job title might say that you’re a dancer, but that’s not all there is to it. Stripping actually falls more under sales, as you need to be able to sell yourself to the customers. You are the brand that you need to promote in the club. You’ll need to walk up to a good number of clients and ask if they would like a private performance from you. Plus, you’ll have to think up a good strategy as to how you should go about convincing more people that you can give the best lap dances Brisbane has around.

Spending too much on extras

Buy enough to appear serious about your job, but not too much that you end up broke every time. As a general rule, you should have at least two outfits, with a comfy pair of clear stilettos and a security lock bag. The maximum could be around 5 complete looks that you can cycle through every week. Invest in shoes that won’t make you feel like you’re being tortured after your shift. The lock is important for ensuring that none of the other strippers will meddle with your stuff while you’re onstage or on the floor.

Selling yourself short

At the start, you might be fine with receiving ones for your private dances, but you shouldn’t stay within that price range. Find out what the other girls are getting and determine the average rate in your area. It can be worth visiting other strip clubs too to see how much their dancers are asking for. You can set your personal value from there. With regards to special packages like 3-for-1 performances, these are only okay if you’ve been in the business for some time and if there’s a holiday or occasion.

Stripping is not an easy career to have, but it is possible to be successful at it. Just make sure that you avoid making any of the above mistakes, and you should be fine.

5 Extraordinarily Fun Forms of Adult Entertainment That Will Surprise You

5 Extraordinarily Fun Forms of Adult Entertainment That Will Surprise You

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Do you want to try something unconventional or out of this world? You may have already known some standard adult entertainment Brisbane has been preferring. However, if you want to go to the extreme level, you will certainly enjoy these odd recommendations.

It will not just be girls kissing girls – no sir. These categories of fun for grownups are all worth trying at least once. If you have never explored these options, feel free to choose one now. Who knows? You and your friends might love it.

Seductive Feline Costumes

You surely could be one of those boys who have had a huge crush on Halle Berry’s Cat Woman – regardless of it being a horrendous film and a critical failure. If you fancy a feline seductress, this is surely your best choice. Think about being in a room with a bevy of women wearing skimpy skirts and sexy cat ears. Most certainly, they are better than the Playboy bunnies could ever be.


You have never heard of this form of adult entertainment Brisbane has, for sure. With this, the sexy performer will simply sit on balloons and pop them one after the other. This originally was a form of fetish. However, more and more people find this activity quite amusing. It might seem weird at a first glance, but surely this is going to be a hit on your next stag party.

Food Play

You might have grown up resisting the urge to play with food since your mum said not to. However, this form of adult fun is genuinely erotic and amusing, as it showcases a performer using food in a sensual manner. So, let all your repressed urges go. Toss hotdogs and drip chocolate on a performer’s body. It will be cool.


Pennywise the Dancing Clown might have fuelled your nightmares recently in the 2017 film version of Stephen King’s “It”. But this category will bring you into a world of clown beauties. Most certainly, this is going to rouse your inner beast. Imagine being around scantily clad women with caked faces and a red button nose. Even if you are afraid of clowns, just seeing them will take your fears away for sure.

Themed Revelries

This type of adult entertainment Brisbane has been offering is highly versatile. You can request for a Halloween theme where the performers are going to dress as monsters, vampires, and ghouls. Depending on the costumes available, you can choose from a variety of themes including pirate and Disney.

There are virtually dozens more for you to choose from. Just look around for strip clubs that offer such services or ask for suggestions from people. Who knows? Your friend just had a Pacific Islander themed stag party that you might like. Just expand your options, so you will be sure of what you fancy. By adding a bizarre twist to your adult parties and get-togethers, you will spice up your evening and make it even better.

Types of Adult Entertainment You Can Experience

Types of Adult Entertainment You Can Experience

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Adult entertainment may be defined in many ways. But if you categorise it as entertainment for grown-ups, the options are not just limited to strip clubs and shows in an adult lounge.  

Adult entertainment is an industry with lots of players and includes a wide range of businesses and activities. The job positions of people working across the industry also vary greatly, ranging from writers to adult performers.

Major Types of Entertainment for Adults

Adult movies

Films that cater mainly on erotic content and related aspects fall under this category. These are often shown similar to conventional movies but in theatres that are exclusive for grown-ups. The rating is also for adults only.

And like any film shown in theatres, the small screen, and online, they can have either good or bad script and storyline. But some of the best ones can rival award-winning films.  

Adult shows

These shows are held in strip clubs, with one or more strippers performing on stage. These cater to both genders and different sexual orientation which is why there are male and female strippers available, although not necessarily in the same club.

Companies specialising in private shows, on the other hand, can accommodate orders for this type of adult entertainment to be performed in a client’s choice of venue or depending on the club rules or party package.

A bucks party in Candy Club, for example, include bucks shows, cigar presentations, bottle service, food platters, and whiskey tasting in a tastefully and elegantly decorated venue.

No reason to take the party anywhere else when everything you need for a fabulous celebration is found in one place. What is even better is that an organiser does not need to do more than book the time and date.

Adult magazines

If you’re looking for more information about the adult industry, adult magazines are your best resource. Whether traditional or online, these magazines still provide a gateway and an escape for anyone who wants to explore the adult world through text and scintillating words, accompanied by images here and there.

Despite the growing popularity of digital formats of magazines, you’re still likely to find printed versions in an R-rated corner of your favourite corner shop or bookstore.

Adult massages

With the increase of businesses offering sexually arousing massages, adult massages might as well be part of the adult industry, even if they are yet to be inducted into the list.

More people are opting to get a massage to arouse sexual feelings, whether as a separate experience or as part of a normal massage session. In some cases, massage is in preparation for rigorous activities in the sack.

How you wish to occupy yourself is entirely up to you. But if you are looking for adult entertainment options, start with the list above and find out which one entertains you the most.