5 Extraordinarily Fun Forms of Adult Entertainment That Will Surprise You

Do you want to try something unconventional or out of this world? You may have already known some standard adult entertainment Brisbane has been preferring. However, if you want to go to the extreme level, you will certainly enjoy these odd recommendations.

It will not just be girls kissing girls – no sir. These categories of fun for grownups are all worth trying at least once. If you have never explored these options, feel free to choose one now. Who knows? You and your friends might love it.

Seductive Feline Costumes

You surely could be one of those boys who have had a huge crush on Halle Berry’s Cat Woman – regardless of it being a horrendous film and a critical failure. If you fancy a feline seductress, this is surely your best choice. Think about being in a room with a bevy of women wearing skimpy skirts and sexy cat ears. Most certainly, they are better than the Playboy bunnies could ever be.


You have never heard of this form of adult entertainment Brisbane has, for sure. With this, the sexy performer will simply sit on balloons and pop them one after the other. This originally was a form of fetish. However, more and more people find this activity quite amusing. It might seem weird at a first glance, but surely this is going to be a hit on your next stag party.

Food Play

You might have grown up resisting the urge to play with food since your mum said not to. However, this form of adult fun is genuinely erotic and amusing, as it showcases a performer using food in a sensual manner. So, let all your repressed urges go. Toss hotdogs and drip chocolate on a performer’s body. It will be cool.


Pennywise the Dancing Clown might have fuelled your nightmares recently in the 2017 film version of Stephen King’s “It”. But this category will bring you into a world of clown beauties. Most certainly, this is going to rouse your inner beast. Imagine being around scantily clad women with caked faces and a red button nose. Even if you are afraid of clowns, just seeing them will take your fears away for sure.

Themed Revelries

This type of adult entertainment Brisbane has been offering is highly versatile. You can request for a Halloween theme where the performers are going to dress as monsters, vampires, and ghouls. Depending on the costumes available, you can choose from a variety of themes including pirate and Disney.

There are virtually dozens more for you to choose from. Just look around for strip clubs that offer such services or ask for suggestions from people. Who knows? Your friend just had a Pacific Islander themed stag party that you might like. Just expand your options, so you will be sure of what you fancy. By adding a bizarre twist to your adult parties and get-togethers, you will spice up your evening and make it even better.

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